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PENSION & ANNUITY Informational Meeting

You and your spouse are invited to attend an Informational Meeting regarding the Pension and Annuity, on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

There will be representatives at the hall to discuss and answer questions regarding the Pension and Annuity (401), such as how it works, how you can contribute to it, how much you can contribute , etc. The meeting will take place upstairs in the meeting room. Please make every effort to attend to get the information you need.


Dear Brothers & Sisters:


The 2019 Texas AFL-CIO Scholorship Program is Under way.

This year's program marks the second time applicants will compete for one-time grants at a raised level of $1,500.

The program helps children of union memebers pay for college. In addition, an interview and testing process provides all applicants exposure to

how unions work and to labor history.

We ask you to help publicize the program, open to high school seniors whose parent or legal gaurdian is a member of a union that is a affiliated both with a Central Labor Council (or the AFL) and with the Texas AFL-CIO. (In some cases, students themselves are affiliated union members and, of course, that makes them eligible; in a few cases, no CLC has jurisdiction over the student's address, waiving that portion of the requirement.)

For more information or for an application, go to:


We hope every eligible high school senior considers applying for this long-standing, union education program.

Deadline to apply is January 31, 2019.




    Brothers and Sisters,

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families during these trying times.

There have been many members and fellow Union members that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey,

And they need our help and prayers. Local Union 716 would like to do all we can to assist all of those we can.

If you are in need of assistance, or you are able and willing to help our fellow members, please e mail [email protected].

We need your name , card number, and address sent to [email protected].  Refer to links and more information about disaster relief assitance below.

If you are willing to help and want to volunteer email or call the hall. We will need your name, card number and address, so we can try to coordinate the closest to where you are.

If it is easier to call the hall, you can request help, or volunteer to help by calling 713.869.8900.  Please leave a clear message.

It is times like these that make me very proud to be an IBEW LU 716 member, Brothers and Sisters.

United together doing all we can to help each other is true solidarity that we talk about and now is the time to show it.


John E Easton Jr






IBEW 716 is prepared to provide $300 checks to any member with damage to their residence.  You must provide a photo of the damage and complete an Assistance Request Voucher to receive the check.  Email photos, questions, and/or comments to Kenny Sumberlin, [email protected].



For hardship withdrawls of 401k (Click Link below)

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is providing some financial assistance for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

With the Immediate Assistance Program, people who were directly affected by the storm can receive $400.

Click link to apply




Unemployment Checks

Several members have already been approved for unemployment checks through the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).  If your employment was disrupted, because of Hurricane Harvey and the storm’s aftermath, you may qualify for Disaster Unemployment. 

Deadline is September 27, 2017.  Apply online at www.ui.texasworkforce.org or call  1 877 892-3896. 


FEMA Checks

Several members have received $500 checks from FEMA.  Apply for disaster assistance at www.disasterassistance.gov.  FEMA has set up Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) in Houston, Columbus, La Grange, Austin, and Edna.

The DRC in Houston is located at the George R. Brown at 1001 Avandia de las Americas, Houston, Tx 77010 and is open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Online application in Spanish is at www.disasterassistance.gove/es


The Texas AFL/CIO (Organization of Unions across Texas)

Apply online for assistance at www.texasaflcio.org.  They will provide assistance in the form of debit cards to Kroger’s and various gas stations.



UnionPlus is a union affiliated financial institution who has pledged $25,000 to the Texas Workers Relief Fund in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  UnionPlus will provide $500 Disaster Relief Grants to eligible members who have a UnionPlus Credit Card, UnionPlus Life or Accidental Death Insurance, UnionPlus Auto Insurance, or UnionPlus Mortgage.

Learn more at www.unionplus.org/hardship-help/disaster-relief-grants



Contact I.B.E.W. Local 66 (Lineman Local) @ 713-943-0716 or Local 527 (Galveston Local for JIW) @ 409-933-9800  for any information they may have on upcoming jobs.


Workers Guide for Hurricane Harvey Assistance (Click link below)

  • Texas Building Trades Memo 8/30/17



    American Income Life


    Due to the devastation of the counties impacted by Hurricane Harvey, if any policyholders in the impacted counties are unable to work for 30 days or longer they will be eligible for the layoff waiver as an exception.   We will need the union or employer to confirm the individual was out of work for a minimum 30 day time period. Although it's not a qualified lay-off, we will use the employer/union confirmation on the lay-off form as the vehicle for approving the premium waiver.  Three months is the maximum number of months eligible for waiver.  Please be sure in communicating this to the customers that you are clear on the 30 day minimum, as we are not  in a position to waive one month's premium if policyholder is out of work for only a few days.In addition, Underwriting and Policy Issue will allow a 30 day extension for outstanding items and Customer Service will work with policyholders to avoid lapse of their policies.    If you have a particular customer that needs assistance, please provide the details to the appropriate department for handling.   AIL will be monitoring the recovery of the area and provide policy updates as needed. Lay Off Waiver

    Please share this information with your membership any way you can, and give out my contact information to anyone needing help with a claim.

     We continue to pray for everyone impacted and are hopeful for a quick recovery. 

      Lacy Martin

     Public Relations Representative

     American Income Life 936-661-9933




If your loan payment is CURRENT as of August 25, 2017, your Next loan payment will NOT be due until October. This does not include home equity loans or credit cards.

If your loan payment was due during the month of August and you have not made the payment, Please call the credit union for assistance. For members who have vehicle, boat or travel trailer loans, please let the credit union know if you had water damage or loss.

** The payment being skipped will be paid at the end of the payment schedule. The interest on the loan (s) will continue to accrue from the last loan payment. **

**The Credit Union Phone  (713) 869-9053**









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