The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) recognized in 1941 that an exceptionally trained and skilled workforce would be critically important for the future success of the commercial and industrial construction trade. Having a well-educated labor force of electricians which understands the many aspects of their trade provides customers a much needed value. So, in September of 1941, the National Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee was born.

Today, the IBEW and NECA own the country's leading professional electrical training program, offering its students the most comprehensive and diverse education, coupled with a state of the art training facility. One of the unique aspects of the Joint Apprenticeship Training school is that each student “earns while they learn”. Each apprentice has a job by day and attends school at night. The IBEW believes that an important part of any effective training program is to take lessons learned in the training facility and apply them to the real world.

Now, before anyone submits an application to become an apprentice, each individual MUST ask him or herself - "Am I looking for a job, OR do I want a career?" This may seem like semantical mumbo jumbo, but the IBEW is in search of people with a strong passion and love for their occupation. There will be days our apprentices will question WHY they chose to dedicate their future to this occupation. Is it simply for a paycheck? They will likely not make it through the 5 years to become a Journeyman.

Here are the five (5) requirements each individual must submit in order to be considered:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a high school education
  • One year of high school algebra
  • Achieve a specific qualifying score on an aptitude test
  • Must pass a drug test

Here are the facts:

A large percentage of those attempting to become an apprentice do not make it past the 1st year. During the first 12 months, our instructors are looking for the best. They need to see your commitment to craftsmanship and ambition. We only want the best, because that is what our members and employers expect. Our employers require each member to bring their heart and a clear head to work everyday. They must conduct themselves in a manner which respects the organization and the membership they represent. Each and every electrician is proud to say they are a part of the membership of The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 716!

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