Commercial Office Buildings

We understand our clients’ need to maintain their business operations while undergoing necessary upgrades. We are skilled in the following areas of project delivery:

  • Electrical construction and repair
    We have a dedicated group of experienced electricians and technicians who can staff any size project. IBEW will complete your project on time and at budget.
  • Specialty systems
    We have a complete VDV, Fiber Optic, Wireless, Security systems and Fire Alarm group consisting of Project Managers and field technicians who can install and maintain these specialized and complicated systems.
  • Site Lighting
    Our team can install any size outdoor lighting project to meet your needs.
  • UPS and Generator installation and maintenance
    Our Critical Power group has installed and maintained hundreds of generators and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems for our customers including fuel polishing, infra-red scanning and metering.
  • Communications systems and services
    Our Voice/Data team can install and work on any size or type of telephone or computer system including fiber optic systems.
  • Fire protection systems
    We have installed hundreds of fire alarm monitoring systems and can offer troubleshooting and repair services as well.
  • Control systems
    One of our specialties is designing, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting any type of lighting, energy management or motor control system.

Maintenance Services & Capabilities:

  • Retrofitting & additions
  • Maintenance, repair & replacement work
  • Lighting installation & repair
  • Additional electrical circuits
  • General troubleshooting & repair
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