The age old expression that says organizations succeed or fail based upon how their customer feel about them, is 100% accurate. Our success is based solely on whether or not our customers (end-user’s) feel we accomplished the job. Did we get it done on-time and on-budget ? All we want of our customer is to have them understand the membership of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 716 has one goal.....we serve you the customer and your satisfaction is our number one priority, period.

Everything begins with an end-user who has a need or a want. The contractor contacts the distributor who finds a manufacturer that has the product needed to fulfill the end-users stated need. The contractor takes that product, coupled with skilled manpower and meet the demand.  The point we are attempting to make is it all begins with the end-user and ends with the end-user’s satisfaction. The only reason our organization exists is to obtain and retain a satisfied end-user. Since the electrical labor business depends on this relationship to produce and satisfy a customer, it is important to understand each part of the relationship or partnership. We are certainly not perfect, but we believe skill electricians, coupled with a passion and love of our craft, equals happy end-users.

We feel the following goals must be achieved when we begin and end your project:

C ome to work on time, fit for duty and ready to work.
O bey recognized customer and employer rules.
D emonstrate zero tolerance for alcohol and substance abuse.
E xercise proper safety, health and sanitation practices.

O wn up to ‘8 for 8’ and be on the job unless otherwise allowed or authorized to leave.
F ollow safe, reasonable and legitimate management directives.

E ncourage respect for the customer’s rights and property, as well as for others on the job.
eXercise the skills and abilities of the trade.
C are for tools and equipment provided by the employer.
E liminate waste and other forms of property destruction, including graffiti.
L imit lunch and break times to allocated periods; adhere to established start and quit times.
L eave inappropriate behavior to those of lesser knowledge.
E mploy the proper tools for the job and maintain personal tool responsibilities.
do Not solicit funds or sell merchandise without the Business Manager’s approval.
C urtail idle time or pursuit of personal business during work hours, including cell phone use.
E xpel job disruptions and refuse to engage in slowdowns or activities designed to extend
the job or create overtime or any other conduct that cast the IBEW in a bad light.

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