Future Alternatives Choices for Business

Before a gathered audience of IBEW representatives and staff, LVX Lab Chief Executive Officer Mike Muggli pointed to a small box with a glowing green light. It sat next to a computer, which was broadcasting the latest updates from CNN. Besides an electrical cord, it had no wires.

The reddish glow of an energy-efficient LED bulb illuminated the work station. Thanks to a special computer chip developed by LVX System, the bulbs were also transmitting the data signals that kept the computer online.

The system is not only faster than regular broadband, LED lights cut down on energy usage by more than 30 percent. And even when the lights are off, the bulbs still emit signals to keep the computer connected to the network.

Light-based wireless is not only faster, it is also more secure. "Unlike radio waves, a light-based connection can't go through walls or floors, making it impossible for strangers to piggyback on your connection," Muggli said.

Muggli said he was particularly eager to share the new invention with the IBEW, which he hopes can provide the manpower to make sure it ends up installed in every office building, government center and school in the near future—a project that could potentially create tens of thousands of jobs.

"This is a big project and we need the training and skills the IBEW can provide to make it happen," Muggli said. "We're talking about millions of buildings across the United States which could potentially be wired for this system."

And members of the IBEW—both in construction and manufacturing—are ready to provide the labor to make it happen. "Light-based wireless has the capacity to help provide tens of thousands of new jobs in both construction and electrical manufacturing," said IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill. "And the IBEW will help make sure it's done right the first time.

The Future

In order for the United States to be competitive in the 21st century, we must control our energy destiny and switch to sustainable, low-carbon sources of power. This massive economic shift will create new industries and will redefine the way traditional industries operate. Much of the old fossil fuel sector is made up of middle-class, union jobs. In making this green shift, we can’t lose our middle-class workforce. As cleaner technologies emerge, we need them to support union careers with skilled training, family healthcare, pension retirement and excellent wages.
Our entire organization looks forward to helping you better understand what works best for your business and providing the manpower to have your job done the right way, on-budget and on-time.

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