LED and other

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers understand innovation and pioneering advancements in energy technology are crucial to pursue. We also understand our customers and partners maintain a belief in the qualities and core principles that are based on; integrity, selflessness, value creation and social responsibility.

The IBEW sets itself apart by combining cutting edge innovation, expertise and technology with the highest standards of service, genuine care and respect for our customers while promoting business practices respecting the environment. By doing so, we not only benefit our partners, customers and clients but ultimately the entire planet.

LED lighting is some of the most energy efficient advanced lighting technology available. With multiple product lines available we will have the perfect replacement for energy guzzling incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lightbulbs currently found in the office, warehouse, plant, parking lot, showroom, retail mall or municipal application.

LEDs lights, fixtures and accessories use significantly less energy to create more available light; thereby providing customers with more light for less of their energy dollar.  We think that is pretty “Advanced”.

Allow the IBEW to show you how to bring your building into the 21st century by provide energy efficient LED lighting. Not only do we have the highest quality electricians, we also understand the latest technology on how to install and repair your LED lighting needs.

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