In the IBEW, we don’t just talk green. Thousands of our members are already hard at work in the green economy. For nearly a decade, the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee has incorporated renewable energy into the curriculum at our Houston training center.

Today, we are keeping in sync with technological advances in wind, solar, nuclear and other developing sectors and providing new training modules. Some 15,000 IBEW members are employed in the operation and maintenance of nuclear generating plants in the United States. The IBEW represents workers at 66% of all U.S. nuclear power stations.

The IBEW supports a policy of fuel diversity in the electric utility industry and promotes public policies to ensure a reliable, safe and low-cost supply of electricity for North America. The IBEW has a long record of consistent support for the development of safe nuclear power and clean coal technologies, said International President Edwin D Hill in evaluating the Bush administration energy plan. We believe that more electrical generating and transmission capacity are absolutely necessary in a nation increasingly dependent on electrical technology. Members of the IBEW are in the forefront of developing technologies in renewable energy sources like wind, solar and biomass, which have viable potential to relieve our dependence on other forms of generation. We have long advocated initiatives encouraging the sound development of energy production balanced with appropriate environmental measures.

Jim Springfield, International Representative for the Tenth District says, "I know of no other profession that requires the type of continuous training and dedication. Often workers do not get enough time at work to be fully ‘test’ ready and have to balance personal time to remain qualified. IBEW members must complete several years of training in a joint IBEW-TVA program before their assignment to work that includes the clearing of all electrical and mechanical equipment for safe maintenance and operation.


South Texas Nuclear Power Plant





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