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Focus on having your job done on-time and on-budget every time!

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 716 has achieved the highest level of productivity rating based on the National Electrical Contractors Association review. Our members take great pride in finishing your job on-time and on-budget...EVERY TIME.

The long-term Value of using our electrical workers saves your project from delays and mishaps.

According to Bureau of Labor, The measurement for effectiveness of "Square footage per man-hour" is 38 percent higher in office buildings built predominantly by union observable labor quality verses the non-union observable labor quality.

Union Labor produces 38% more Square Feet per man-hour.

Nonunion Produced sq ft Union Produced sq ft
38% higher effectiveness

Annually, IBEW Spends


HoursTraining Members for the Future.

The Experience and Knowledge of our Electricians is

The IBEW Local 716 will invest over a million dollars this year training and preparing its members on the skills which keep your job on-time and on-budget…every time. Keeping our craftsmen prepared for the future is our primary focus.

The IBEW 716 of Houston has

The Manpower Capability

The IBEW 716 is a Growing Resource of Electrical Workers to complete your large scale projects.

55% Wiremen Experts 15% Industrial Hand 25% Fiberoptic Experts 5% Instrumentation Experts

Electrical Specializations of the IBEW 716

OSHA Compliance

All IBEW 716 Members are drug-free and have OSHA Compliance, which provides for a safer working environment and a 50% reduction in workplace injuries.

OSHA Compliant Workers Non-OSHA Compliant Workers

National Workplace Injuries (in millions)

Have an Enjoyable Experience on your next project.

Simply More than a Vendor

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 716 are simply more than a vendor for the hospital, they are our partner. If your business requires skilled, knowledgeable Electricians, give the folks at the IBEW in Houston a call. We did and it became an excellent business decision.

Phil Robinson
St. Joseph Medical Center
The Robinson Healthcare Group

Contact Us

Contact us at: 713-869-8900

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